7 Google Maps features that arrived in India first

Google Maps is one of the main services by the search giant that is used by millions of users across the globe. Being one of the key apps it is obvious that the company is introducing new features every now and then making it easier for users to navigate and reach their destination. India is one of the key markets of Google Maps and to make it easy for people, there are several India-first features in Google Maps which you may not be aware of. So, we have compiled all the recent India-first features, revealed by Google to Gadgets Now. Here they are.

1. Two-wheeler mode Google launched the two-wheeler mode in its Maps app for Indians last year. The biker-based feature comes in addition to other existing options such as driving, walking and public transit modes. The two-wheeler mode shows some ‘shortcuts’ as well, something four-wheeler vehicles are not capable to take.

2. Offline mode Google Maps offline mode entered India back in 2015. This feature was announced keeping in mind the patchy network connectivity across the country. As a part of this feature, Google lets users download the entire cities and countries to see the routes even while there is no internet connection.

3. Landmark-based navigation Landmark based navigation is something not many may have noticed. At times, while using the navigation mode, the app says ‘turn left from [landmark name]’ instead of ‘turn left after [distance]’, which is quite helpful in India.

4. Smart Address Search Smart Address Search is one of the recent features introduced in Google Maps. In case you don’t know the exact location, searching for it in Maps will show you a nearby landmark. The aim for this is to make you reach as close to the destination as possible.

5. Add an Address Add an address is also a recent feature in Google Maps for India. The feature lets you add an address for millions of other users to see. This also comes with a filter. Google doesn’t allow users to put personal information for that location.

6. Customized home screen Last year, Google Maps in India got a custom home screen for easier navigation. The new home screen brings all the important features up front for users so they can quickly look at directions and download an area for offline use.

7. Schematic metro/rail maps Google last year partnered with metro and railway authorities in India to give users something more than routes – fares, connectivity, timings and more. This gives users complete information on travelling without the need to open a different app.



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