Why Reliance Jio 16GB Data Free How Can You Claim It and BSNL multiple Tariff Vouchers under Rs 100

Reports are coming in that Reliance Jio is giving 16 GB extra for their users. Why are they giving it? And how can you get it? Reliance Jio 2 Year Anniversary Celebrations! Although Jio was launched on December 27th, 2015, their commercial services are officially rolled out starting September 5th, 2016.On September 5th, 2018, Jio completed their two years of existence in the market, and offer of free GBs for users is part of the celebrating this occasion.

What Is The Offer? The offer is free 16 GB of data, for some users.

There will 4 days in September, and 4 days in October, then Jio users can avail 2 GB per day. Hence a total of 8GB in September, and 8 GB in October.

For September month, the 4 days for getting free 2 GB/day are September 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th.

Days for getting free 2GB/day for October hasn’t been announced yet.

How Can I Get Free 2 GB Per DayHere are the steps:

* Open My Jio app (install the app if you don’t have)

* On the left-hand side, you can see the Menu option. Click on that, and the menu will roll down.

* Click on ‘My Plans’ section, where you see your current plans, and validity data.

* Below that, you can see ‘Jio Celebrations Pack’ section.

* Daily, from September 7th to September 10th, you can see 2 GB of additional data in that section.

* Note here, that the data of 2 GB per day won’t be carried forward to next day, and you need to finish that in one day.

Jio 16GB Data Free Celebrations Pack Details

But.. I am Not Able To See This Celebration Pack! Relax. This celebratory offer of 2 GB per day is being rolled out gradually, and it is not assured that everyone will be able to get it. Some reports claim that some users will receive the data in the month of September, while some users will get the same in the month of October.

And some lucky ones will get the data in September and October, both.

Jio’s Data Usage Crosses 240 Crore GB Mark Jio is right now experiencing a surge in data usage among their customers. As per a Jio spokesperson, more than 240 crore GB of data is being consumed every month by Jio users, all over the nation.

This has made India among the top 10 countries with maximum mobile data consumption. Before Jio, India was ranked #155 in the same list. 

We will keep you updated, as we receive more inputs.

Do let us know if you were able to get your free 16GB of data or not, by commenting right here!

BSNL overhauls multiple Special Tariff Vouchers priced under Rs 100 with more data Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has been on a roll lately, revamping its broadband and cellular offerings left, right, and centre. However, it seems it’s not even close to being done. According to a report by Telecom Talk, the state-owned telecom operator has revised seven of its STVs (Special Tariff Vouchers) priced under Rs 100, sprucing them up with more data. Here are all the details you need to know about BSNL’s revised sub-Rs 100 special tariff vouchers:

BSNL multiple Tariff Vouchers under Rs 100

STV 14 Priced at just Rs 14, BSNL’s smallest STV now offers 1GB of data with a validity of 1 day. This is twice the amount of data the voucher used to come with before.

STV 40 If you think you won’t be able to use up 1GB of data in one day, this maybe for you. Priced at Rs 40, this STV offers 1GB of data, but you get 5 days to use it all up.

STV 57 Perhaps the best among all of BSNL’s revised data STVs, this one is perfect for users who have no need (or use) for gigabytes of data per data. At Rs 57, the voucher offers 1GB of data with a generous validity of 21 days.

STV 68 As the name suggests, this voucher is priced at Rs 68. It offers 2GB of data, which can be used for 5 days.

STV 78 If you’re travelling over the weekend and need some extra data, you may want to take a look at this one. Priced at Rs 78, this voucher comes with 4GB of data having a validity of 3 days.

STV 82 Nearly identical to STV 78, this voucher comes with 4GB of data benefit and a validity of 4 days. In addition, you also get Personalized Ring Back Tone (PRBT) with the package.

STV 85 This voucher is priced at Rs 85 and comes with 5GB of data, which can be used for 7 days.



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