Rookie Guide The Most Important Android VPN Features

It can help you to keep your device secure and can keep prying eyes off your content and what you are browsing while surfing the Internet. However, on top of using a VPN on your computer, you can also take advantage of installing one on your Android smartphone.

There are now more VPN services available than ever. As a result, it can make it tricky to determine which one you want to use. Generally, all VPN providers offer the same basic features.

Those include the ability to mask your IP address while accessing the Internet and encrypting sensitive data stored on your smartphone, such as your passwords. In addition, however, there are even more features that are so important when it comes to choosing a VPN for your Android phone. Surfshark is a great option that offers a multitude of these essential services and you can download their Android app now.

Multiple Server Locations With a VPN, you want as many server location choices as possible. The more, the better in the event that one particular server becomes overloaded with too many people using it. When you rely on a VPN server on your Android smartphone, it encrypts your data through a channel between the phone and the VPN’s server.

Essentially, you get the IP address of the web server instead of your own, which can show your device as being in a completely different location than the one in which you are actually located.

You can also gain access to streaming services like Netflix or if you want to use torrent sites and want to mask your IP. For example, if you are traveling out of the country but want to watch TV shows or movies on your Netflix account, a VPN can provide you with an American IP address so that you can do so instead of being blocked. For torrenting, you can fool the site into thinking you’re in another location with a different IP address so that you can download content more quickly.

No Log Policy The best VPN providers offer more freedom because they don’t collect logs of users’ activity. Some retain certain elements of the user’s browsing history for a few months, but when choosing the right VPN for your Android device, you should opt for one that has a no-log policy.

At the same time, it’s important to always read the fine print as some services state they don’t collect logs but do collect information that goes beyond the necessity (some information is necessary in order to ensure that the service keeps running, such as aggregated performance data).

Integrated Kill Switch Some VPNs can accidentally leak your real IP address when you’re online. This usually happens when the service becomes overloaded. However, if the provider includes a kill switch, it can rectify this problem by killing the connection so that your data doesn’t leak. Although many VPN providers don’t offer this feature, Surfshark does.

Ad Blocking Ad blocking is an important feature for your Android VPN. When you’re browsing the web on your phone, the last thing you want is to be bombarded by a multitude of ads. Normally, when you surf the Internet, your browser learns from your usage and you eventually start seeing ads tailored to your interests. Premium VPN services that you pay for can block ads because they don’t sell your data to third parties.

Mobile Apps Naturally, when you are searching for a good VPN to run on your Android smartphone, you want the provider to offer a mobile app. While many of these services are easily offered for your desktop or laptop, most people spend a good amount of time browsing the Internet on their phones. This is especially important if you are like many and spend time at places that offer free open Wi-Fi.

Anonymous DNS Servers The Domain Name System or DNS translation process when using a VPN keeps your data secure from your Internet service provider. This is made possible thanks to the VPN provider utilizing its own anonymous DNS service. With this feature, you can browse websites without your ISP snooping.

Support for Routers If you plan on using your VPN at home, you will want to search for a provider that allows you to install it directly on your router. This frees you up from having to install it on every individual device and keeps all your gadgets secure. It’s important to keep in mind that this requires a router that is compatible with VPN services.

Reasonable Price Finally, if you’re like most people, you will want a VPN provider that offers you a reasonable price that won’t break your bank account. Many options are highly affordable but don’t compromise when it comes to offering you a good array of features. One tip: if you choose to commit to at least a one-year deal, you should get some type of savings.

These are among the most essential features that the best Android VPNs offer. You will be able to enjoy better security and an even better performance while surfing the web on your smartphone or tablet.



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