Xiaomi First Foldable Smartphone Allegedly Leaked And It Mindblowing

On Thursday Xiaomi announced that Redmi is now a separate brand. Redmi is said to be a budget-centric brand while Mi will bring more premium devices to the masses. Then there’s Poco that aims at offering the best value for money phones like the Poco F1, which is the only Snapdragon 845 powered phone available under Rs 20,000. 2018 was good for Xiaomi, but it looks like the company is planning to make 2019 a better one. Xiaomi has several Redmi and Mi phones and also Poco F2 to launch this year, then there’s a foldable phone that the company is reportedly working on.

Can Xiaomi beat Samsung to launch first, fully functional foldable smartphone? An alleged video is out on the internet showing a mysterious Xiaomi phone which can be folded from two sides. The rumored Xiaomi foldable phone shows that the device can be used as both as a smartphone and a tablet, similar to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold. Xiaomi is also reportedly working on its next Android One device.

Xiaomi has been a huge success in a hyper-competitive market like India. The wide range of affordable smartphones has been the key to Xiaomi’s success. Its upcoming lineup is more interesting, and Xiaomi is expected to carry the No. 1 Smartphone Brand in India crown again in 2019 Video on msnTarGet.com.

Xiaomi Foldable Phone: All Details The rumor hints a phone manufactured by Xiaomi, and they are working on a foldable phone. The company is yet to confirm anything. Interestingly the company never mentioned anything about a foldable device in the past, or said they are working on any such technology.

The alleged Xiaomi foldable phone/tablet can be a result of any deep fake editing, according to leakster Evan Blass.

The authenticity is yet to be confirmed, but the video has a perfectly working folding tablet which can be folded from other two sides into a small screen smartphone. The Xiaomi foldable phone on the leaked video looks sleek which has slim bezels.

It can be confirmed in the video that the foldable phone is from Xiaomi by the user interface. The icons on the alleged folding device on video appear to be very similar to Xiaomi’s own MIUI platform.

Xiaomi Folding Phone Has Three Screens The rumored Xiaomi foldable phone appears very flexible on the video and can be easily folded into three screens. When folded from two sides, it takes up the shape of a smartphone, and a tablet when unfolded. Xiaomi foldable phone can be folded on the left and right sides. When in an unfolded state, the screen upfront is quite large.

Xiaomi is known to offer premium specifications at affordable prices. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is rumored to cost over 1.5 lakh in India, so Xiaomi’s foldable phone can be a game changer in the segment. If the news is true, the company can bring a high-end flagship smartphone at an affordable price tag, letting more users enjoy the latest foldable smartphone technology.

Also: Xiaomi Has Started To Work On Its Next Android One Device Xiaomi now as three Android One smartphones under its product line in association with Google. Starting with Mi A1, it has been a massive success for the company. A few months back the company launched the second generation Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite running on Android One.

These three are the only Xiaomi smartphones which don’t run MIUI. The stock Android under Android One program guarantees 3 years of monthly security updates and 2 years of Android platform updates from Google.

Xiaomi’s Mi A line has been the Mi’s X series rip-offs running on Android One. XDA has discovered an unknown Xiaomi which has the code-name “orchid_sprout” running on the latest Android Pie. The codename _sprout as a suffix in the code-name which has been used for all the Mi A devices.

Samsung has announced to launch a foldable phone soon. In fact, the South Korean smartphone maker also showcased a prototype design of the foldable phone which could be called Galaxy X. As of now, there’s no report when will the Samsung foldable phone launch, but considering the leaks and rumours flooding the internet, the phone could launch sooner than you can imagine. Following Samsung, other OEMs like Xiaomi are reportedly also working on a foldable phone. A hands-on video of an alleged Xiaomi foldable phone leaked on Thursday night and created a buzz on the internet.

Hands-On Video of Foldable Xiaomi Phone Although the video was shot inside a dark room and was unclear to revealed details about the alleged foldable phone from Xiaomi, the fact that Xiaomi is coming up with a foldable phone is great. The hands-on video has been leaked by Evan Blass, who’s a pretty popular phone leakster. Blass, however, isn’t very sure about the authenticity of the video. Captioning the video Blass noted, “Can’t speak to the authenticity of this video or device, but it’s allegedly made by Xiaomi, I’m told. Hot new phone, or gadget porn deepfake?”

So, it is still doubtful whether or not the foldable phone showcased in the video is from Xiaomi, but we feel it is considering the interface looks similar to MIUI. The alleged foldable phone appears with three screens and can be used as a phone as well as a tablet, which is great. The hands-on video shows that the device can be folded on the left and right side to be able to use it as a phone, and opening the sides will turn the device into a tablet.

Xiaomi to Take on Samsung in the Foldable Phone Game The 19-second video shows that foldable phone to be pretty slim, much slimmer than the prototype of the Galaxy X — the foldable phone from Samsung. Additionally, the bezels on the sides of the device are almost invisible, which means that this foldable phone from Xiaomi will offer a great video experience to the users.

The device could be a new Xiaomi Android One device or the Mi A3, which is most likely. Xiaomi is known to start working on the software months before the actual device appears in any certification. The leak hints at the Mi A3 launch within the next quarter both globally and in India.



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