Heading to Zurich - Try these five lesser-known hidden gems

On the face of it - Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland may look like any other sophisticated European city with its own set of sights, museums and restaurants. But if you decide to dig deeper, you might be sweetly surprised to find out how much more the city really has to offer. Here are top five lesser-known hidden gems of Zurich.

#1 Cabaret Voltaire

To get a taste of classy Swiss cocktails and its popular art scene (both at the same time), head to Zurich's Cabaret Voltaire.

This art center-cum-cafe came into being over a hundred years ago to celebrate the inspiring Dada art movement.

So, take a break at this place while strolling through the city and witness some amazingly creative and artistic performances.

#2 Zurich West

Most tourists going to Zurich end up filling their time in the city's old town, but since you've decided to tread the road less traveled by, we advise you to take a look at the western part of the city.

Zurich West, that once housed the city's industry quarters, today has some of the hippest and trendiest shops, restaurants, and museums in the area.

#3 Moulagenmuseum

Before the arrival of color photography and advanced plastics technology, moulages were the most important tool for sharing scientific and medical knowledge.

Started back in 1916, this museum contains wax representations (moulages) of many diseases, including cancer and syphilis.

What's more? This unusual museum happens to be the second-largest collection of moulages in the world after Le Musée des Moulages in Saint Louis, France.

#4,5 MFO Park and Schwamendingen X

MFO Park: Once a machine factory, this quirky park in Zurich features free-growing vines along walls and trellis of metal bars. Don't miss out a trip.

Schwamendingen X: Schwamendingen X is an X-shaped rail piece, where tramcars change their course from right-hand travel on the overground lines to left-hand travel in the tunnel.

So, on your next trip to Zurich, do include these secret-spots.

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